Individual Tarot Card, Medium and Palmistry Readings

Individuals seek out one-to-one tarot card, palmistry and medium readings, searching for insights on a whole range of life events. Suzy can help individuals learn what the future holds for them in:









Suzy’s unique combination of skills allows her to offer legitimate insights into what the future holds for her clients. There are no time limits during Suzy’s individual readings. This freedom allows clients to learn as much from the cards as possible.

Dublin Based Tarot Card, Medium and Palm Readings.

Tarot card, Palm and medium readings are available by appointment. After a client has secured an appointed they are invited to visit Suzy at her Dublin 15 property.
Upon arriving and being welcomed into the friendly and comfortable environment, Suzy will begin the process of learning what the future has in store for the client. Using a combination of tarot card, medium reading and palmistry, Suzy offers individual clients a genuine and completely confidential experience.

See what your future holds for you now: