Corporate Tarot Card, Palm and Medium Readings

This popular service provided by Suzy’s Tarot Card Readings and Medium Service gives any corporate event or function a unique twist. Suzy offers her uplifting and insightful card, palm and medium reading skills in a specially designed corporate package. This tailor made package has been created with the corporate sector in mind. Suzy’s Tarot Card Readings and Medium Service is perfect for:

Office Parties

christmas parties

retirement parties

team building weekends

Suzy offers her unique combination of disciplines to give genuine insightful readings to individuals at corporate events. Suzy’s life-affirming and enjoyable tarot, palm and medium readings are sure to be a huge hit at any corporate event.

Dublin Based Tarot Card, Medium and Palm Readings for Corporate Events.

Suzy offers her skills to corporations in the greater Dublin area. Her specially designed corporate package is available through booking by phone or email. Get in touch now to find out more about Suzy’s Tarot Card Readings and Medium Service’s corporate options.

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